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Custom Fields

Happy New Year from Courtyard! We've just rolled out one of our most requested features ever: custom fields. Whatever data you want in your directory, from wedding anniversaries to twitter handles, can be configured from a new section under the Settings tab. We have a list of common fields that you can choose from, or you can define your own. You can even create multiple choice fields with custom options.

Custom fields can be defined either at the family level, or at the individual level. You can also make certain fields only on adults, or only on children, as needed.

Along with that, we have added support for private fields. You can now control who can view each field–either all members, admin + owner, or admin only. You can also control who can edit each field–either admin + owner, or admin only. This gives you quite a few options if your staff wants to store extra information in the directory.

Note that these fields are only available on the website right now. We are planning to push them out to the iPhone and Android apps in the future.

For a more detailed walkthrough, see the new help section on custom fields. We think this will make your online directory a lot more useful. We can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

Posted by Austin Taylor on 01/09/2012