Directory Sections

How to organize your church directory by section

The Purpose of Sections

Sections provide a way for you to break up your directory into logical groups. Some examples would include:

Creating a New Section

To create a new section, go to the Settings tab, and then click on Sections. Click the New Section button above the Sections table. Enter the name of your new section and click Save. Your new section should appear in the Sections table.

Renaming a Section

To rename a section, simply click the Rename link next to it, enter the new name, and click Save. The section should now be renamed in the Sections table.

Deleting a Section

To delete a section, you have to decide what you want to do with the families that are in that section. When you click the 'X' button next to the section you want to delete, you will be presented with your choices in a dropdown box. You can either move the families that were in that section into one of the other sections, or you can delete them all. There is no need for you to manually move or delete these families before you delete the section.

Putting Families in a Section

Whenever you edit a family, or create a new family, you will see a dropdown box called Section. This will contain all the sections that are listed on the Sections page. Select the section you want that family to be a part of, and click Save. You will now see the section you selected next to the family name at the top of their family page. They will also appear in that section on the directory list page, and in the directory and photo printouts.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I put one family in multiple sections?
  2. How can I create a staff section?

Can I put one family in multiple sections?

Every family must be in exactly one section. This may seem limiting, but it is the best way to keep things organized, and prevent duplicate families. Note that sections are not intended to represent small groups or bible studies. We would like to support those in the future, but they are not supported at this time.

How can I create a staff section?

Because you cannot have a single family in multiple sections, you will not be able to list a staff member's family both in the Staff section and in the main directory. If you want the individual staff member to be listed in the Staff section, and for their family to be in the main directory, we suggest that you create two entries for this person. One for their entire family, as part of the main directory, and one for the the individual as part of the Staff section. This will allow you to list their official contact information separately from their personal contact and family information.

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